Therapy for the Majority World

Showing Christian compassion through counselling, psychology, psychiarty and other

psychosocial approaches

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'The future of mission is counselling,' says Harry Hoffmann. CLICK HERE.


Read Roger & Christine Day's articleTherapy and the Great Commission.



Read this exciting report from the Counselling as Mission Thinktank in Birmingham on Tuesday 12 March 2013. Speakers: Harry Hoffmann, Dr John Warlow and Dr Bradford Smith. To read the report CLICK HERE.

Our goal

Therapy for the Majority World is a nonprofit-making organisation that exists to promote the importance of psychology, counselling, psychotherapy, psychiatry, coaching and psychosocial approaches in Christian mission.


It seeks to:


1 encourage UK mission sending organisations to include therapeutic interventions – along with food, shelter, clothing, medicine, education and sanitation – in their existing work in majority world situations, and


2 promote the need for volunteers from within the therapeutic professions to provide training, clinical supervision and actual therapy within the majority world.

It plans to do this through on-line discussions and regular workshops


We aim to encourage people working in Majority World situations to take account of the emotional and mental health needs of the people around them. This can be done by training local professionals in therapy skills, working closely with the local church and offering professional supervision.


As a follow-up to the Counselling as Mission Thinktank in March 2013 we have taken these steps:


* Launched the not-for-profit organisation Therapy for the Majority World (T4MW).

* Expanded the website to include more information and news.

* Opened a bank account with a small deposit in the name of Therapy for the Majority World.


Here are ways you can help:

* Volunteer to help organise a second event within the next year.

* Start discussion groups on the internet, including the social media.

* Pray for an expansion of therapeutic approaches in mission situations.

* Give a small gift to provide bursaries for people to attend T4MW events. (Cheques payable to ‘Therapy for the Majority World’ and sent to 16 Burnside, Rugby, Warwickshire CV22 6AX.)

* Spread the news about this work to professional colleagues, mission organisations and Bible colleges.

Updated 23/3/2013

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